It was another huge month for our customers. According to our analysis there was a potential of 530 pips/ticks profit out of the following 13 events in March 2019, an increase of 16 percent MoM to 1241 ticks/pips in Q1 2019.

Total trading time would have been around 30 minutes! (preparation time not included)

Start forex/oil/grains news trading with Haawks G4A low latency machine-readable data today, we offer the fastest machine-readable data feed for US economic and commodity data. In Q2 we will introduce economic data from Norway, Sweden, Russia, Turkey and ECB interest rates and statement.

Please let us know your feedback and check out our G4A low latency data feed.

All data is machine readable and available via API access in Aurora, CH1, NY4 and LD4. Free trials.