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Savills Telecom & Haawks

We are proud to announce a partnership with Savills Telecom to provide low latency microwave links in the UK to our clients.

Savills Telecom Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Savills PLC, has been involved in the UK Telecoms sector since 1999, employing around 80 members of staff and led by experience managers with each having an average of 25 years’ experience in the telecoms sector.

Savills Telecom key personnel have been responsible for delivering a significant percentage of the mobile operators microwave links deployed in the UK (circa 20,000 links).

HAAWKS is a privately owned boutique consultancy.
We provide highly specialized trading and IT service for prop shops, money managers and banks.



NY4 to LD4 latency ranking by country of company

1. The Netherlands (3.)
2. Canada (2.)
3. The Netherlands (4.)
4. USA (1.)
5. USA (5.)
6. USA (6.)

(HAAWKS estimation for 2015 in brackets.)

We would like to share our estimated latency ranking for the important NY4 to LD4 route.
It is interesting to see that there will be movement only on the first places in 2015. This is due to investments of 2 players.
This change on the NY4 to LD4 route will also have an impact on the NY4 to FR2 route and LD4 to FR2 route.