As of Today, March, 24th 2015, we offer an updated and enhanced version of our Haawks research paper to a broader audience with new opportunities emerging from london.

What do you get?

  • All alternative routes (incl. est. latencies) of all hybrid (microwave) network operators between New York NY4/5 and London Slough LD4/5

  • Private map with all relevant links (hundreds of licenses) and towers in the UK (can be integrated into Google MyMaps)

  • 2 new ultra low latency opportunities that are emerging from London Slough - one of these opportunities available very soon!

Why should you buy it?

  • You consider investing in microwave networks in the UK.

  • You consider buying bandwidth from a commercial provider and you need to know the latencies of all players.

  • You are a market maker or prop trader and you need to know about the networks/ latencies of your competitors.

There is public information about this topic, why buying it?

  • Our paper is worth several months of intensive research by our experts at HAAWKS, a lot of manual work and the little secret information you cannot get on public sites.

Haawks Market research on

There is no doubt that there is still significant movement and motivation to invest in microwave networks for latency arbitrage trading in Europe (Jump Trading bought Belgian Houtem tower for € 5 millions in December 2012).

Nowadays POP latencies of commercial network providers are more and more publicly disclosed on their website. (Quincy Extreme Data Latencies) It´s interesting to see that these numbers improved significantly in less than 2 years - Aurora CME to Slough LD4 latency reduction by 1.212 milliseconds. (Quincy Data Breaks Ground in Europe with Lowest Known Latency for CME Market Data – 36.40 milliseconds)

For obvious reasons proprietary traders are very secretive about their networks and latencies - as millions if not billions of dollars are at stake. Therefore, a lot of questions still remain:

  • What is the fastest route and lowest latency?

    • US to Europe (NY4/5 to LD4, FR2)

    • Within Europe (LD4 to Basildon, FR2)

  • What are the routes and latencies of all players?

  • Are there any big investment opportunities?

The answer is YES, there is a huge investment opportunity in microwave networks in Europe but the opportunity is narrowing by the minute.

To our knowledge one big player already bought 2 licenses and installed antennas on a very crucial route late in 2014.

The potential NY4 to LD4 latency is around 29.6 milliseconds.

This would be a reduction of 1.5 milliseconds compared to Quincy Data latency of 31.109 milliseconds.

Due to technical limitations of this route there are probably only one or two licenses for high capacity links left.

We are going to be offering a powerful research paper with the following up-to-date facts. This paper will be available on Feb, 4th and delivered to all buyers at the same time.

  • Potentially fastest upcoming route including information on possible towers (location, height) and registered licenses (numbers, antennas, company name)

  • Routes and licenses (numbers, antennas, company names) of all proprietary traders and commercial providers in UK including calculated latencies