G4A is a unique, robust no-nonsense news feed which reports directly from the source. It is the fastest news feed for economic and commodity data from the United States (US) and Canada (CA).

Our superior technology, market savvy and years of experience makes us beat big names in the industry at a very affordable price. Forex and commodity traders love our performance because it converts into serious profits every month.

G4A performance 2019

Cumulative performance 2019 (last update 14 Feb 2019), please see blog.

We offer reliable ultra low latency macro economic and commodity data for forex, energy and agriculture traders. Our latencies on crude oil, natural gas and grains data (corn, wheat and soybeans) are consistently the lowest in the industry and the numbers are extremely market moving. If you are interested in testing our performance, we are glad to give you a free trial.

The following packages are available:

  1. G4A US Economy

  2. G4A CA Economy

  3. G4A US Energy

  4. G4A US Grains

All data is machine readable and available via API access in Aurora, CH1, NY4 and LD4.

Integration of our data feed is very simple and hassle free with support for multiple programming languages.

Contact our sales team for more information and a free trial.